Tuesday 1-29-19

Greetings and welcome!

I am crabby today. My Meyer’s snow plow let me down again. It got totally rebuilt last year and got a fluid change and flush last weekend and it wasn’t up to the job yesterday and today. It was totally frozen up. So I went and cleared my 1/4 mile private road with the snowblower at 2ºF in a howling wind. Just as I finished the county truck came by and plowed in the end again. Why would I be crabby?

Having spent a little time in it I will call yesterday’s snow 3-4″. In areas that drifted it will be more of less. On top of the other small snows and the bigger snow with all of the rain that made our ice base, we are starting to get a pretty impressive snow pack. We have a great ice base and plenty of snow on top of it. Other than the bitter cold and wind chills the riding should be very good.

The cold is expected to last all week and break just in time for the weekend. The weekend forecast from the NWS is for high temperatures of 32 Saturday and 34 Sunday. With great trails and moderate weather I would expect a few riders to hit the trails. The only thing holding people back is Super Bowl Sunday. I am planning on being at Rapids Resort both days from about noon until 5 or later. If I don’t ask you to do a group picture please ask me. I like doing it.

Events this weekend include Ice Bowling at the Parkway Inn (Parkway Rd a mile north of  Hwy X), Outhouse Races at the Firelane Bar, a Brat Fry and Antique Snowmobile Ride at High 8 in Goodman, and the Dog Days of Winter sled dog races and festival in Mountain. You can refer to the events page to see last year’s posters for more details.

Yesterday I made a new page that has all of this year’s people pictures on it. The idea is that you don’t have to go back to the weekend that you visited to find your pix, they are all in one spot. If you go to the menu that says PAGES it is the top item.

I am off to try and go make some money. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!