Tuesday 1-3-17 Updated 9:30pm

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Just got done cleaning up the snow. It was a nice layer and it will be great on the trails. Can’t wait to ride.


It was a good day and it was a bad day.

The good came in the form of the 2-3″ of wet heavy snow overnight. It also rained lightly today adding to the moisture content. It will help our cause for sure.

The bad came in the form of a 34ºF day that brought a lot of melting to paved roads. I checked the road that I take to the trails and at least the first mile of it is bare and wet. Curses! Foiled again.. Hopefully that will turn into at least a little ice when it freezes up.

The 34º day was good to the trails, softening them up a little so that they freeze in hard and durable.

I am expecting about a 20-25º temperature drop over the next few hours. It was 34 when I left Wausaukee at 5:30, and we are expecting a low of 8 tonight. Tomorrow the high temperature is expected to be 11, with 15-20mph winds gusting to 30. That is a big temperature crash, too bad it didn’t come a day sooner when there was still snow and ice on the roads.

It is what it is. The roads suffered, but the non-plowed trails will benefit from the good quality snow and thaw/freeze cycle. The trail along the road by Jungle Jim’s in Silver Cliff looked very nice. It was flat and the tracks suggested that there was free snow on top of the base.

I had hoped for a ride tonight while it was still nice out, but that got canned for a couple of reasons. First, it was a little too nice out today. Between the bare road and soft trail I decided that I should wait. I also have about 3 hours to move the snow in the driveway and wood yard before it becomes a monument, so I have a date with the snowblower and plow truck in a few minutes.

We are expecting the cold spell to last through the weekend. Highs in the low teens or single digits are in the forecast until Sunday when we could hit 15ºF. The snow won’t be going anywhere, and it will help the lakes thicken up the ice.

After the weekend there is a nice storm for Monday/Tuesday that could be a good one. We will also warm up into the 20s and even low 30s for Tuesday. That’s ok if it comes with a good dose of snow.

Time to move on..

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!





I am seeing a 2-3″ snow looking out the window.

The snow started showing up on radar about 4pm yesterday but it didn’t start accumulating until about 9pm. It is good to see that we got measurable snow out of it.

-Went and cleared off the car.. 2-3 of nice wet heavy snow. Gonna be an ugly ride to work.