Tuesday 1-30-18

Greetings and welcome!


Maybe it will turn around in the overnight hours, but at the moment tonight’s snow is disappointing. The TV said that we could see 1-2″ north of HWY 29. It is mostly no0rth of the MI border and there is only light snow here.

We haven’t seen any melting at all this week. Whatever was there Sunday after the big thaw remains.

I have had a small world this week and have not been more than about 5 miles from home. Reports from other riders have the trails up by Hwy 8 and points north in excellent conditions. In my world the trails along HWY C and Parkway Rd have an icy base and some crunchy snow with varying bare or snirty spots in places. The big meltdown took out roads for the most part.

The TV news just showed us still getting 2.4″ tonight, but mid-30s tomorrow. That is to be followed by single digit high temperatures for the balance of the week. There is snow possible for Saturday. At the moment my guidance has it unimpressive, but the professionals seem to think that it could turn into something. If only it was as sure to come as the big thaws the past two weekends.

I will update in the morning if the snow amounts to anything.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!