Tuesday 1-31-2023

Greetings and welcome!

Oh buddy it’s a brisk one this morning. As of 3:45am we are at -16ºF with light winds, so call it a feels-like temp of -16 to -20. I feel bad for all of the birds and furry critters that live outside on a night like this, and for the people that have to work in it..

(Update/edit- 7:15am… -22ºF.. that’s pretty cold.)

I timed it out for a couple of cycles and my furnace runs 15 minutes and rests for 6 tonight. I miss the wood burner in the old place. That would save a fortune in LP right now.

This is the deepest of the cold expected this week. Today we are looking at a high temp around 15 and a low around zero tonight. Wednesday and Thursday we could get into the low 20s. Friday a cold front comes through with a dusting of snow and drops our high temp down to 7 again. The forecast has that improving significantly by Saturday and Sunday when we could hit 25 and 30 respectively.

As far as snow.. Friday doesn’t look like much. We could get a 1-3″ snow Sunday and about the same next Wednesday. There is a nice looking storm possible late next week, but that is a long way off.

We have some events for this weekend.

Outhouse races at Firelane,  the bed races up on Townsend Flowage at Wendt’s Sandbar (Link), and I believe that I am missing one.. I will work on that and a Firelane poster later this week.

The Healing Patriots ice fishing event is this weekend not last weekend.

I did get the first Indy Trail out onto the trails last weekend. I thought that it was in near perfect shape when I put it away, but I know better than think that it would be pull and go. The check over found a crankcase full of gas. It got a fuel pump rebuild and full line flush and carb cleaning.

The surprise came in the gas tank. Apparently the gas gauge took to rusting over the summer and made a huge mess in the tank. I flushed all out and I now have 5 gallons of gas so contaminated that it is coffee colored. The amount of rust particles that I cleaned out was surprising. I have this cool little pump that did a great job of pumping it out after I would flush it and agitate it. Lather, rinse, repeat until it came out clean.

Once that was all done I hit the trail and it ran like a watch. I have a few minor things to wrap up on sled #1 and it is off to work on sled #2. That one is getting a full suspension rebuild so it might take a little more work. Sled #1 got that last year.

That’s it from here this morning. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!