Tuesday 1-6-16


Greetings and welcome!

I am going to call this one about 3″ before settling. We got into the mid-30s today(34F), so it did indeed settle some. I expect that with the wet snow and warm temps it will groom in nicely. When I got home I measured the hand rail on the porch and it was 2.5″, down from over 3 in the morning.

The trails that I saw along C coming home from Wausaukee at sunset benefited significantly from the snow. The grassy areas east of Athelstane were covered, and most of the staining and snirtiness by Jungle Jims was covered. It helped, but it wasn’t the 6+ that we really needed.

There are clipper systems showing up just about every other day through the weekend. The next one is due Wednesday night with a 1-3 snow possible, and the 1 more likely. If all of the clippers brought 3″ of snow we will be in nice shape. A guy can hope.

Speaking of hoping, the 2/3 storm is still on track at 8 days out.

I am off to go and clean up the new snow in the wood yard and driveways. It is supposed to get into the 20s tonight and the snow will be a lot easier to clean up before it freezes in.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!




A first look of of the front porch finds an estimated 3-4″. With warm temperatures it should be fairly wet snow.