Tuesday 1-7-2014

Greetings and welcome!

5:30am temperatures-

Crivitz -20

Wabeno -26

Shawano -21

Athelstane -20

Bowler -24

Add in our 10-20 mph winds and you get wild chills in the -40 to -50 range. It is pretty cold out.

I got to play in it more than I wanted to yesterday. Driving to and from work with no heat in the car was ugly, and it was pretty cold last night getting it fixed too. The fun part is that in four days we will be in the low to mid-30s for the weekend, and there is even a chance for some light freezing rain Friday and Friday night.

Once our polar air clears out, the GFS is showing a little more moderate temperatures, a few clippers, but still no big snow storms. We really could use some snow to make the trails better, especially east and south of here. North and west is much better, but with weekend traffic and mid-30s it might get interesting.

Well I am off to start my car. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!