Tuesday 1-8-19

Greetings and welcome!

This was a very good storm for us. It was a real pain to clean up, but it will make an excellent trail base.

When I got up this morning there was probably 7+ inches of nice powder down. At about 9am it turned to drizzle and then rain. There were some heavier bands of it too. It stopped raining at about 3pm.

I went out to do my snow removal chores at about 3. All that I can say is wow. This is about as heavy as snow gets. There is 4-6″ of cement snow with water on the bottom of it. Both the snow blower and the plow truck took a good beating. I could only snowblow a little at a time. There were huge snowballs rolling off of the side of the plow on the truck. Once they landed they were very hard to move. Your snow plow guy is not a happy camper today.

This should all translate into an excellent trail base. Once the clubs pack it down it will be like cement. Even though it came in a non-typical form this was a very good storm for us. It is supposed to start getting colder with 27 tonight, 32 tomorrow, and 15 tomorrow night. Hopefully all of the wet stuff will set up into a nice base before the weekend.

The Friday-Saturday thaw took a toll on our existing snow. There was little left on Sunday morning except in sheltered areas. Fields were patchy, but shaded areas held their snow and ice fairly well.

I expect that there was less snow south and more to the north with the rain/snow line so close. It is very common for the Hwy 8 area 20 miles north to get more snow when we switch over to rain. We will have to wait for the reports and see how that worked out.

According to what I saw on the radar the rain snow line for much of the night last night was at about Hwy 64.

Will we ride this weekend? The trails will be open. In fact Iron Snowshoe already opened their trails reporting 6″ of heavy wet snow. Ranger City Riders in Wausaukee is also open reporting 7″ and early season conditions. Lakewood and Townsend were already open. I do not have an update from River Road Riders yet. I expect to be in Crivitz tomorrow and will get a look around.

Here are some pictures.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!