Tuesday 10-16-18 First accumulating snow Sunday

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Sunday was a quiet day with both the Brewers and Packers off. It was a big day in weather though, it brought our first accumulating snow. At about 2pm we started having a few snowflakes mix in with the rain. As sunset came there was less rain and more snow. By 9pm is was all snow, big goose down flakes coming at a moderate pace.

In the end we had close to an inch add up on cars and grassy areas, as well as anything else cold enough to hold it. The roads did not accumulate snow though one friend said that they were getting a little slushy build up.

We only got up into the mid and upper 30s Monday, so the snow stuck around into the afternoon, but eventually the sun ate most of it.* At sunset there was still a little snow left in sun sheltered areas and on my front step on the north side of the house.

The TV showed snow totals, and Polar, WI was the big winner locally with 2.5″. That is a small town on Hwy 64 between here and Antigo. With our sub-40 degree temperatures they probably have a little of it left.

* We are about 70 days out from the winter solstice, which on the other side of it would be about February 1st. In late winter the sun is becoming a factor, but isn’t as hot as it gets later in the month. We are losing 3 minutes a day of sunshine, so it won’t be long before the snow stays.

The recent storms really knocked down the fall colors. We are well past peak and down to a late season show with the oaks dominating the color. The tourism map on TV shows us at peak. No. That ship has sailed due to nasty weather last week and weekend. It is a shame, we had a really good show going last week.

We did see a fair number of kayakers take to the Peshtigo River this weekend. The recent rain had it rise up to almost +28, huge water for any time of year. Usually you have to catch the snow melt and perfect weather conditions to get it that high. It is not coming down all that fast and is still at about a +18″ as of Tuesday morning.

Here are a few snow pix from Sunday night..

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