Tuesday 11-14-17

Greetings and welcome!

We have a fairly warm week under way as far as keeping snow on the ground. Tonight we have a bit of fog as warm moist air overruns the snow on the ground. A little drizzle & mist was happening at sunset and now there is light rain showing up on radar.

I have a wide variety of conditions around my house. Sunny spots are bare and a little soft or only hold a little snow. Sheltered areas still hold 1″ or more of snow, which in the case of untreated side roads and my gravel drive, packed down into a nice slippery base. It was only about 3″ of snow to start with, so it isn’t very thick, but it is a start. Treated roads and sunny spots on back roads are bare or close to it.

Monday when I went across the X bridge over High Falls Flowage there was a skin of ice in the bays. Today it was gone, but Popp’s Resort’s channel stayed frozen.

Sheltered areas that are still holding snow might have a little frost in the ground from our cold week last week, a lot of places have none.

Tonight’s storm will be rain and too warm for snow. The low is tracking way too far north for it to bring snow here.

Friday’s storm may be a different story. That one has potential for the whole buffet of conditions, (rain, freezing rain, snow) possibly ending with accumulating snow Friday night and Saturday. There is a lot of room for change by Friday, but this one has some potential.

I have a crazy busy week unfolding this week, so I am a little distracted and updates may be scarce, but I will be here for anything significant.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!