Tuesday 11-26-19


Greetings and welcome!

The winter storm coming tonight is still on track to make a mess in northern WI.

The way that it is shaping up there is a sharp drop in accumulations between Lakewood and Wausaukee. The TV says Lakewood could see a foot while the NWS winter storm warning says that Wausaukee could see 3-5. The NWS forecast for my house near C & F in Silver Cliff is for 5″ tonight and 2″ tomorrow.

Here is a link to the latest winter storm warning.

So far there is one crack in the armor in the forecast models. The NAM model has backed off on the precip amounts from 1-1.5″ to 0.5-1.0″. Other than that the models have been consistent with the storm for the past few runs.

At this point exactly where the rain/snow line sets up will be the determining factor if we see 4″ or 10+ inches. We won’t have a straight answer on that until it is here.

Once it starts snowing I expect travel to be very difficult. The wet snow and rain will pack down on roads and make them icy. Also there is a lot of wind expected with the storm, both during and after. Trying to drive in wind driven snow can be a real challenge. (Note to self.. check the generator over this afternoon).

More to follow as it develops.