Tuesday 12-11-12

Greetings and welcome!

On my trip to Lakewood/Townsend/Cater yesterday I saw that the groomers had been out packing down the snow. Later in the day I actually saw both the Paul Bunyan and Red Arrow groomers working the railroad grade along Hwy 32.

Unlike the typical day after a snow where it is five degrees and windy, it was a pretty warm day. Our high today was almost 30, and there was no cold north or northwest wind. It will cool off tonight as temps get into the low twenties or upper teens.

I caught some area snow totals on the TV news. It looks like the storm did go a lot farther south than expected. This was expected to be a big storm for north central WI in the snow belt regions, but places like Eagle RiverĀ  only got up to about the 2″ mark.

Coleman was the big winner in our neighborhood with 8″. Other totals include and Rhinelander -3.9, Florence- 2.1″, and Pembine- 2.7″.

The big snow was along the western border of WI where they saw about 8-12. Eau Claire won the statewide total count with 15″. Across the border the Twin Cities marked 16.

I saw that Waubee Lake was frozen all of the way across. Again it isn’t even close to safe to venture out onto the ice. We are going to need some cold weather before the ice gets safe.

More to follow..