Tuesday 12-12-17 11PM Update



Greetings and welcome!

I am getting some mixed signals on our storm, but we still should be on track for 3-6+. When I checked the models at lunch they were a lot less impressive than they were this morning. Now tonight I am again seeing a pretty good snow ahead. It should start about 4am. I will keep you up to date.




Greetings and welcome!

The forecast for tomorrow has changed significantly. Right now we are looking at the possibility of a 3-5″ snow for tonight into Wednesday. Looking at the NAM forecast model we have a storm coming that will build into a significant storm for a clipper. By the time that the storm strengthens we are looking at a 993Mb storm, a fairly strong one. It is shown giving us 0.25-0.5″ of rainfall equivalent, and with upper air temperatures as cold as -15C it should be fairly light snow. That means that it could add up to a 3-6″ plus snow.

The model is showing us in an ideal position for significant snow with the low tracking over southeast WI. It is also showing a band of snow south of Green Bay where the lake effect enhancement from the strong winds could give an area south of Green Bay double our totals.

Right now the TV weather channel has Lakewood in for 4.6″ of snow. The NWS says 3-5, and what I am seeing on the NAM would give us 3-6 or a little more with the lighter snow due to cold air temperatures.


Looks like I have a very busy day and night ahead getting ready for this.

Time to make the donuts..

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Just for fun here is a snow graphic stolen from Facebook..