Tuesday 12-17-19

Greetings and welcome!

We have some news on the trails opening this weekend.

Iron Snowshoe will open the 19th with the exception of the Oconto Co trails that will open the 20th.

Northern Oconto County will open Friday the 20th. there are some closures though. There is a map of which trails are open here on Red Arrow’s site.

Forest Co is still up for grabs. Like all of the clubs listed above they are struggling with high water and unfrozen swamps. We had a very wet summer and fall so swamps and low areas are really full, and the heavy snow came before we had a deep frost. There are trail changesĀ  and closures on just about all of the club’s trails because of wet areas.

We had a pretty chilly day Tuesday. It was in the low 20s with an overcast and a little wind. The real prize is tonight when it goes to -2 and tomorrow with a high of +10.

Behind that is a warm spell that will last through Christmas. We are looking at low to mid-30s Friday and Saturday and upper 30s Sunday and Monday. The long term forecast has temperatures moderating a little after that. About the 28th the GFS is showing a big storm followed by a big bad Arctic blast. While it isn’t fun we could use some of that that Arctic blast to firm up trails.

Iron Snowshoe groomed trails around Jungle Jim’s and the BP in Silver Cliff and they looked very inviting.

With the opening of the trails I will start doing the guest bartender thing at Rapids Resort on Saturdays from noon until about 5. Stop in and get your picture taken and I will post it to the web site. I really like going out to do a picture, it gives me a chance to hang out with new and old friends. I am thrilled to do it but you have to ask. If the trails are in bad shape because of weather I don’t work but If they are open and people are riding I will be there.

It looks like will be able to ride this weekend, and even in some moderately warm conditions. Be aware of trail reroutes and closures. One warning that was repeated a few different places is don’t ride off of the trail. A lot of storm damaged trees are now hidden stumps or brush.

That is it for tonight. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!