Tuesday 12-27-16

Greetings and welcome!

We need snow. The rain soaked snow has turned into a dandy ice base on my driveway.  The good news is that we won’t be seeing gravel for a while, the bad news is that the ruts/bumps/rocks there when it froze will be there a while. I expect that a lot of trails and forest roads look the same. It is also pretty hard, with no free snow for cooling.

Paved roads bring a mixed bag. The sunny and 40+ day took a toll on them, especially where they were treated. There is a lot of bare road.  Shaded areas have a nice ice base.

Now we need some snow.

There is a minor snow chance Wednesday into Thursday, and a clipper for about Friday night into Saturday. There are bigger storms possible about the 3rd and the 11th.

More to follow.. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!