Tuesday 12-6-16

Greetings and welcome!

It is a cold and windy night, and that roaring in the trees is winter arriving. We had a line of snow move through the area that announced the arrival of much colder air that will be our future for the next couple of weeks. Now we have the big cold wind behind it.

The snow wasn’t much. If it were perfectly windless we might have seen an inch. As it was, much less stayed on the warm ground, and the wind blew a lot of it away. Some areas are bare, some hold a little snow. The wood pile has about an inch of accumulated snow on it, most of it from last Saturday.

The ride home from work was interesting with the way that the snow was hit and miss on the roads. About 2 miles east of Hwy A there were wet roads. I came around a corner and the road had a light dusting. A half a mile later it was fully covered with 1/2″ or so, and a mile later the roads were wet again. My guess was that it had a lot to do with the amount of sun that the road got, but clearly a mile-wide snow squall had hit there.

The way that the GFS forecast model looks, the Arctic is  going to open up and send us a river of much colder than normal air over the next couple of weeks. The TV weather guy said that we could see some temperatures as much as 30-35ºF below normal next week with highs only in the 10-15º range. According to my observations, temperatures 10-15 degrees on either side of averages is common, 15-25 degrees is more unusual, and 25-35 degrees is uncommon. We could rate uncommon if it works out.

The cold weather will be a good thing for our cause. When I was at work in Wausaukee today there was mud where I parked the car. A bunch of snow on top of that would bring some challenging conditions down the road. As I mentioned before, we had a wet fall, so low areas will hold some water and the ground is pretty soft. I really like that we have cold air coming to put some frost into the ground before the real snow comes. Those single digit wind chills won’t be much fun in regular life, but they will be very good for snowmobiling conditions down the road.

The TV weather was just on, and they showed some pretty good lake effect snow possible for the UP, and a few squalls could blow all of the way down here tomorrow. With a big contrast between lake temperatures and air temperatures and a lot of wind, the conditions should be right for a good dose of snow for the lucky areas.

There is a storm showing up in the models for Sunday. That one could bring 2-4, followed by another wave of cold air.

That’s news for tonight. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!