Tuesday 12/23/14

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The back step measurement at 6pm
The back step measurement at 6pm.. a solid 4″

We have about 4″ of very wet heavy snow on the ground in Silver Cliff as of 6:30pm Tuesday night. Someone at work said that farther north by Hwy 8 they saw a few more inches.

We saw about 2-3″ overnight last night, again of the very wet and heavy variety. It snowed for a while, rained/misted/drizzled for a while, and then snowed again. That was pretty much the story today too.

In the end we got about 4″ that will pack down really nicely.

It will be a good start, but another storm behind it would be a lot better. We are  looking at highs in the 35 degree range Wednesday-Saturday. Sunday it is expected to cool off, and after that the GFS is showing much more seasonal weather. Our normal hi-low is 25/9ºF.

There is a second storm behind this one, but the models have consistently shown it tracking too far east to bring meaningful snow. We could see a little light stuff tomorrow as we get grazed by the northwestern periphery of the storm.

That might be just as well. The second storm, like today’s, won’t have a lot of cold air mixing in. As a result, Chicago and the lower UP of Michigan where the bulk of the precip will be, will be seeing mostly rain.

This snow will go a long way for what it is. It would snow, then rain, then snow again, so it is really heavy with moisture. The unplowed roads on the way to work packed down into an ice base quickly, and we had more snow and rain today. For the 4-6 that it is, it will pack down very nicely.

More to follow as I get a better look around tomorrow.

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