Tuesday 2-1-2022

Greetings and welcome!

We got up to 38 today and there was some sun. Plowed and treated roads suffered the most and opened up some new gravel and bare spots. The trail had a few sunny spots getting sweaty but generally they handled the warm day very well.

I took a quick ride around the neighborhood today ( Thornton’s, Fisher’s Camp, Jungle Jim’s, almost Rapids) and found conditions as expected. There were some dirt spots, some snirt spots, and a lot of good trail in between them. Plowed and treated roads were not good. I would not hesitate to ride tomorrow, but would not expect 100% magazine cover trails.

One thought that I had was that the Iron Snowshoe groomers are magicians. After what the trails looked like Sunday morning you would never expect the nice flat trails that I rode today. Considering what they were working with they did fantastic.

It was my GF’s first ride in a couple of decades and she did great. It was cool to see my twin girls out on the trail together.

Good luck to our friends in IL and IN with the coming storm. You are welcome to send any snow that you don’t want up here.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!