Tuesday 2-13-18

Greetings and welcome!

Yesterday I saddled up at sunset and got in about 50 miles between here and Lakewood. The roads were scrapey in places, and Chickadee Rd was dished up pretty bad. Other than that the trails that I rode were about as good as they could be.I had a blast and made good time even on my old sled.

I know that Paul Bunyan was out grooming, I passed the groomer twice. I appreciated the light touch that he was using, and loved the trail on the way home where we met him and got to be first.

Be sure to check the always appreciated comments yesterday from Ron and Dan.

We have some warm weather coming up. We are expecting 30 today, 42 Wednesday and 36 Thursday. Saturday looks like mid-30s and Sunday could see 40 and some snow. There is more snow father out in the forecast.

Ride it while you can!

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!