Tuesday 2-14-17

Greetings and happy St Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday was a bad day for us. It was a sunny day and it was in the mid and upper 30s, and for a while it went (well) over 40.

Plowed roads and road shoulders took it hard and are free of snow. In Wausaukee and Athelstane along C there is still base, but there are dirt spots opening up. Along C in Silver Cliff the trail is looking snirty and stained with a couple high wear corners blown out. You can ride but there will be places that it won’t be pretty. As usual it is likely better even a little west or north.

We have a chance at some flurries today, possibly mixed with some drizzle. We are looking at a high of 38 today but at least it will be cloudy. Wednesday and Thursday will stay below 32, but Friday- Monday look ugly. Friday is expected to go into the low 40s with a little sun. Saturday and Sunday the NWS has us for 47 and sunny, and Monday’s outlook is for 46 and rain.

The storm for Monday-Tuesday of next week is pretty good sized, but the rain/snow line is a couple of hundred miles north of here, at least until the back of the storm, and after the main precip moves off to the east.

There really isn’t much to pin my hopes to for a turn around except a skeptical view of the forecast.

For this weekend I would go north and west and find sheltered forest areas to play in.

As you know, I got a new phone and am working on being able to update from it. My fingers are too big to type on it, and as you have seen, the voice app comes with some spelling, capitalization and punctuation errors. I will get there.

I still have pictures from last weekend on it. It has a great camera, but it doesn’t resize the pics, and they are huge. Sending/posting them full size isn’t an option, so I need to get an app for that. I got a USB cord for it yesterday but it was the wrong one. Again I will get there.

Anyway we need a big turnaround in the weather. Hopefully it comes soon, the calendar is not our friend.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!