Tuesday 2-21-17

Greetings and welcome!

It is almost 50 degrees at 4:30am as I type this.

Outside it is a sloppy mess. About 5:15 last night the rain came. Fifteen minutes later it was pounding on the roof. I am pretty sure that I heard a couple of distant rumbles of thunder. It lined up nicely to give our region the heaviest rain according to radar, and it kept up for about 8 hours. I would estimate rainfall to be in excess of an inch.

While the cold front packed a punch for precip, it isn’t much for cold. We are expecting to see 62 today for a high temp, and 57 tomorrow. Thursday the forecast includes mid-40s right ahead of another big storm.

I just looked at the GFS forecast model for the Friday snowstorm and it is lined up pretty good for us. It is still a few days out, but that could be 8″+ of wet heavy snow.

I am not sure how this ends, but it sounds sloppy. The frost is coming out of the ground in a lot of places, and a couple of days near 60 will advance that. Plowing a bunch of wet heavy snow on top of the mud isn’t very appealing, and it might get ugly for grooming trails.

The GFS does show a return to winter and several storms behind Friday’s storm. The way that this winter has gone I am not all that optimistic about it.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!