Tuesday 2-28-2023

3:15pm- Not happy! 46 degrees and full sun. There were places in my driveway that were down to 2-3″ of new snow when I ran the snowblower. The black dumpster lid is almost clear and a lot of spots on the plowed road are bare. Ride soon. That sun is getting wicked.


Greetings and welcome!

It continued to snow after my update yesterday and the area saw a general 6-8″. I won’t have a solid reading because the warm sunny day started before I did. People are reporting very nice trails but there is still the issue with some ice in corners and under the snow.

Today at 12:30pm it is sunny and 43 degrees. At this time of the year the sun is not our friend and it is only getting worse. That should help to pack down the fresh snow.

There is more snow in the forecast. There is a small disturbance coming for tonight and tomorrow. The NWS forecast is only for an inch tomorrow. The TV weather guy at noon said almost 3″ for our neighborhood. My models agree with the close to 3″.

There is a storm for Friday that bears watching.

Right now there is a mix of ideas in the various forecast models on how that storm will go. Previous model runs and the current GFS model have a big storm for the southern 1/3 of the state and nothing reaching north of Green Bay. The NAM model has the snow coming north along the lines of the Monday storm where we got 6″+. The Euro is kind of in the middle with a little snow up here but nothing huge.

That storm may very well hamper weekend visitor’s plans to head north. No matter which model you look at there will be some significant winter weather in southern WI and northern IL on Friday. Travelers might want to entertain the possibility of an early or late start to the weekend.

For now the Friday storm is a big question mark. All that we can do is keep an eye on it as it gets closer.

I am off to go and clean up the new snow before the sun compacts it too much and makes it hard for the snowblower to throw. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!