Tuesday 2-7-2023

Greetings and welcome!

Last night we had rain changing to snow. There were big slushy flakes that at one point added up to about 2″ of really wet snow. At about 10pm we were quite surprised by a big loud thunder crack. I went to the door to see if something blew up in a big way. Nope, it was thunder snow and lightning. Apparently people reported it as far south as Green Bay and the Fox Valley.

Unfortunately most of that snow was gone by noon. We have sun, wind, and 40 degrees. It was not kind to the wet sloppy snow, and on the steps and car it is long gone.

All eyes are on the Thursday storm, and there are still no answers. I look at three different forecast models and get three different solutions. It is ok that we are on the north and west edges of the storm, that might keep us in the snow. If it goes one way or the other we could get rain mixed in or nothing at all. Two days out it is a great big question mark.

I know that people like to plan their weekend by Tuesday or Wednesday, but I do not have answers today.

Yesterday I went to Lakewood and Townsend. The trails along the way looked good or great with the exception of a stretch right by Waubee Lake. That had mostly full coverage but was very snirty. I am not sure if it was from the snowplow throwing sand from the road onto the trail, or if the trail saw that much action. A friend that put on a bunch of miles locally said that he had good conditions and a good time.

I will work on events for this weekend later and get them posted either tonight or tomorrow. At the moment I am off to the shop to take advantage of the warm weather.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!