Tuesday 3-1-2022



It is amazing how much stuff can change in 8 hours. The latest model run of the European Model is showing our Saturday and Sunday storm with some very different results than I had at 1am. Now I am seeing a rain/snow mix for Saturday and a full on rainstorm for Saturday night.

In an ideal scenario a big storm like Saturday’s would have the low pressure area track NE between Milwaukee and about Sheboygan. The latest model run has it tracking over far northwest WI, putting almost the whole state firmly in the rain side of the storm and weekend temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. (Insert Mr Yuk sticker here)

A couple of thoughts here..

One.. my rule is that I never change weekend plans based on a forecast unless it is a pretty sure thing. It is only Tuesday. Future model runs could push that storm 300 miles south and put us back into the heavy snow band.

Item two is that if we did have an inch of rain soak into our beautiful base and freeze hard we could extend our season with an even bigger hard ice base. If we had snow follow the big freeze Sunday night we could see an extra weekend or two.

Item three.. the forecast has my Saturday visit to Rapids in question. We won’t know that answer until late week.

We just down’t know yet how this will play out yet. Personally I am hoping to rack up a few miles this week while I still can… just in case.

Hopefully this all turns around and we have a great weekend.


1am Update

Greetings and welcome!

It was supposed to snow yesterday with the possibility of an inch. That didn’t happen at all. Not a flake. Instead we had a very overcast 34 degree day. We did not lose anything to melting at all. The trails that I saw along the roads locally all looked great other than some staining.

Today looks like the scariest day of the week with partly cloudy and 37. There is a chance of a little snow Tuesday night and Wednesday. After that it looks pretty moderate for temperatures. The trails should survive to  give us another weekend.

The weekend might get interesting. There is a chance of snow Saturday and we could see 3-4″. Sunday could get up to 37. Monday could bring more snow, maybe 4-6″.

We have an awesome two day event coming up this weekend with the Chute Pond club. Here is the info from Facebook..

Friday March 4, 2022 9:00am
Group vintage and non-vintage rides from Waters Edge on Anderson Lake. Bucket raffles, plus more! Plate lunches available at Waters Edge.
Saturday March 5, 2022
​Blast From the Past Vintage Show and Swap Meet at Skinny Dave’s 12848 Hwy 32 Mountain. No cost to enter sled(s) or for spectators. Registration 8:00 am, judging done by 12:30. Food and beverages available at Skinny Dave’s. ALL MEAT Raffle, bucket raffles, vintage sled raffle drawing for a 1983 John Deere Sprintfire.

There is a very good chance that I will be at Rapids Resort Saturday to meet people and get a few pictures of groups passing through. I will try to nail that down in the next day or so.

That’s news. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!