Tuesday 3-14-2023

Greetings and welcome!

10pm- When I was out tonight I was amazed at how nice some of the trails were. The groomers might know or be channeling Houdini. Yes there were sun burned spots, but there was also a lot of beautifully groomed trails, even the ugly spots on my road. Use your sick days wisely. It’s gonna be sunny tomorrow and a lot can change fast, but right now I’d love to ride.

As far as the Thursday storm.. The NAM model is moving the rain/snow line a little south in it’s latest run. The Euro is looking good. The GFS not so much. That puts the glass 2/3 full. Cheers!



It is a sunny day today and so far we have only gotten up to 38 degrees. The sun is brutal at this time of year, and the roads, driveways, and roofs have melted off from today’s sun. The clubs are still grooming and there are nice trails in the woods and sheltered areas. It is just the sunny spots and road trails that need to be avoided.

There is a storm coming for Thursday/Friday that is a big question mark. The Euro is showing us getting some rain and 6-8″ of snow. Yeehaw! The GFS and NAM models are not on board with that at all and are showing almost all rain. Boo-hiss.

That storm will determine how weekend riding goes. If we are in the low 40s and get a lot of rain it would be bad for riding next weekend. If we get 6-8″ of new snow then we will get some bonus laps in at the end of the season.

My opinion? Right now the glass is half empty. There is still a chance but I wouldn’t bet my last beer on it. I’d love to see another weekend and I’m not ready to park the snow ponies, but here we are. Time will tell.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!