Tuesday 3-6-18


030618bThe storm was better for us than expected. I consistently measured 4.5″ around my yard and down by the mailbox.

The storm pivoted away as expected, but one streak of snow on the radar kept the snow coming to our area. Northern Oconto, southern Forest, and the southwestern part of the top step of Marinette Co all saw a little extra snow.

This much snow will clearly help the sheltered trails and will make the bare ones 4.5″ better. We have a cold week ahead of us this week, if the sun isn’t too evil we might be able to ride a much improved trail system this weekend.

12 Noon

Greetings and welcome!

I went out and measured the snow in the wood yard at 11:30am. All of my measurements were in the 3-3.5″ range.

There are a lot of other areas that got more snow. The TV this morning had all kinds of school and activity closings. The top snow total so far is Shawano with 8″.

030618aThis was a tough storm to watch. It sat and snowed on areas 30 miles away all evening and it was like we were protected by a force field. Finally about midnight it broke through the barrier and snowed here. Thankfully there was some lake enhancement or we would have struggled to get to the 3″.

The storm is now starting to pivot away, but there is still a little snow coming on the radar. I would be surprised if we didn’t see totals go to 4″+.

When I was out yesterday I saw a lot of trails that still held an icy base in areas that the sun couldn’t eat it. Even a couple of inches would bring those areas right back. The sunny areas that melted down to bare ground/mud will need more snow but 3-4″ is a start.

Once the snow stops I will try to get a better handle on conditions.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 3-6-18

  1. Drove from Lakewood to hi falls area yesterday.trails really went to crap north of cauldron falls road.awesome riding chute pond and north to laona

  2. Dan,
    I’m thinking of coming up this weekend with my son, where should I go ? I have a place on High Falls flowage and was headed in that area , have not heard any updates on the trails ?

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