Tuesday December 10th, 2013

Greetings and Welcome!

Late update..

We had a little light snow today but it didn’t add up to much more than a layer of frosting. It stayed plenty cold, with a high of 12. At 10:30pm it is +2, but the forecast is for -7 overnight.

Wednesday is probably the cold day of the week. Depending on which forecast that you look at, we could see a high of either +1 or +3 and wind chills down to -25. After that high temperatures ramp up from the low teens Thursday to the low 20s for the weekend. There is a chance of light snow Saturday that could go 1-3 if it hits right.

As far as riding, we have a nice start on it, but we need more snow. Here is how the snow stacked up out back tonight.


That used to be close to 8″ of snow, but the rain that came after the snow pounded it down into about 4-5″ with some ice. Back road trails have a nice layer of ice, but could use some snow and a warm day or two to bond it.

The Dun-Good Club is reporting better conditions with a 3″ ice base, some fresh snow, and it is grooming up well. They are reporting good early season conditions. Their trails are open.

Other places reporting decent early conditions were Watersmeet and Hurley. Other areas of the UP are hit and miss, but everyone is comfortable that we will ride by Christmas. The GFS model agrees, there are 6 chances for at least light snow between now and then.

That is it for now. Thank you for visiting and have a good Wednesday.




AM Update

It is a cold one this morning. We got down to -14 last night, and wind chill got down to -25. It is still -5 as of 5:30 as I launch my day. It was probably a tough night for critters that live outside.