Tuesday December 14th, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

Other than Sunday it looks like the cold behind the storm isn’t going to be as bad as it could be. Our normal high today is 26 and we are close to 20 already. Likewise last night only got to -2.5ºF. The normal low is +8, and the record is -22.

Yesterday it warmed up to 15, and I went out to play with shoveling, plowing and normal after storm recovery stuff. I had a couple of breakdowns on the plow truck, so I got to do a little wrenching too. As usual it was less fun @ 15º.

What I didn’t do was get to play with the snowmobiles. About the closest I got was when I set my water bottle on a seat to get a snow depth picture.

For the record, the water bottle stands 10″ high.

Snow totals varied. Some areas I was only plowing 7″ some it was more than 10-12. That is just here around the house. I will get a better look around today when I do a little traveling.

So far the best report came from Lakewood where the Paul Bunyan Riders measured 14″ between the two storms. I talked to Dave, who said that the trails were groomed out and ready, but the groomers really had to work getting through some of the drifts. Their site mentions a few icy and lose corners too.

I have not heard from Iron Snowshoe yet today, but they were supposed to be out grooming yesterday and trails were slated to open today. The Ranger City Riders Club is reporting open trails with some reroutes.  Slug reported in for the Coleman club with “We got snow but lots of it blew away in the fields! If you find it down south PLEASE bring it back. Thanks. Club members are out checking trails for wind/ tree damage.”

There is enough snow to ride, but the blowing and drifting will bring some bare stuff and some deep spots as expected. The snow was also powdery and will take time to freeze into a base. There will be some closed gates and reroutes, please honor those.

That is about it for today. I will bring a camera along and try to get a few more pictures in my travels.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!