Tuesday December 20th, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

My apologies for missing my update yesterday. It was an unusual day with the amount of stuff that came at me unexpectedly.

The first possible weekend¬† to ride has come and gone without riding opportunities in WI or the UP. Looking ahead we are most likely going for two in a row. There isn’t much in the forecast to get excited about between now and next weekend. There are a couple of chances or smaller storms between Christmas and New Years, but again we are looking a week or more out for snow chances.

Usually the UP offers some salvation in a case like this. Apparently not this year. They don’t have much snow and there is not a lot in the forecast that would suggest heavy lake effect or system snows.

It looks like western Kansas and eastern Colorado are getting hit with a pretty good storm. One source showed over a foot so far and the storm going strong.  That might be the best shot for a ride. I checked and even Tug Hill in NY is out of snow.

It is only December 20th. The season isn’t over yet, and no pattern, no matter how crappy, last forever. It just feels that way. Personally I expect it to turn around and be a heavy duty winter, but not for a week or two.

My E-Bay poly underlayer came in the mail yesterday. I thought I found a score, but maybe not. They are very nice and heavy, but they are cut a little short in the back for snowmobiling or other active stuff like cutting wood. At that point they don’t make the reccommended list.

Wednesday is the first day of winter. It starts at 11:30pm with the winter solstice. Right now we are at about 8:44 minutes of daylight. By the spring equinox on March 20, it will be up to roughly 12 hours. Here are a couple of links.. 1 2 .

Someone suggested over the weekend that we compile a list of non-ethanol gas sources. I think that is a great idea. I will set up a page with the ones that I know and you guys can add to it in the comments section with your sources and I will add them to the list.

That is about it from here. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!