Tuesday December 29th, 2020

Greetings and welcome!

We had a very cold night last night. The Athelstane Weather site said our low was -11.4. I saw a friend in Crivitz had -15. As of 10am I was only up to 5 degrees. Now at 11am I am up to 12 degrees.

I have between 2-3″ of snow on the ground from prior storms. It looked like Crivitz had just a little more than I do 20 miles northwest. Lakewood, Townsend and Chute Pond are reporting 3-4″ on the ground.

There is a storm coming tonight that the NWS says will bring about 3″ My models agree. There is another storm for after new years that looks like it will mostly miss us.

The trails in Oconto Co remain closed. Iron Snowshoe is open for ATVs/UTVs north of Hwy C. The clubs are ready to pan down any snow that they get, hoping to start a base. If people rode right now it would blow the snow right off of the trail and leave the third sled riding gravel. At that point the clubs don’t want people on the trails yet.

The roads are getting a little ice layer on town and forest roads from the couple of inches of snow packed down. It is a start.

I have seen a variety of ice reports on Facebook. One this morning had 7″ at Boat Landing #3. Another had 8-10 on High Falls. I would be very cautious going out on the ice based on second hand internet reports. Make sure that you know what you are on.

Here is an event coming up.. The Dockside Polar Plunge on New Year’s Day.

I am not thrilled with the long term outlook for snow. The 16 day GFS is only showing a couple of more small storms between now and mid-January. I have a hunch that it will turn around after that but it will feel like eternity getting there. There is always a chance that the outlook will change. Keep that cup half full.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!