Tuesday Feb 16th, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

Mid-Day Update

It is a warm day and it has made the snow soft and settled it a little. No big deal. It is a little strange having a 32 degree wind out of the north behind a light snow. Usually it is about 30 degrees colder. If it wasn’t for that no snow thing El Nino might actually be desirable. Even with 15-25mph winds, it is a much nicer day than it might be otherwise.

Overnight Update

The snow eventually added up to a couple of inches. There wasn’t much until Monday afternoon, when it stacked up a little faster. My official total is just over 2″. It will go a long way on the trails.

Looking at the long term thing on the two week out storm, we are still at 50/50. Of the last four model runs, the early two still had us watching the snow from afar, and the later two had us getting smacked. Think 6-9″ in a 6 hour period smacked. It sure would be nice.

I had to laugh at Bob’s comment yesterday..

Ray, your wrenching-to-riding ratio is awful. Isn’t it time to get a machine that actually stays in one piece after a ride?

It is true. I am off my game more than usual this year from spending so much time on the store in Nov & Dec. Yes the old sleds are wearing thin, and it has been a consideration for a few years to sell it all and get something a little newer.

Today was a shop day with the mission of test riding RXL #2 at least a few laps on the driveway. The engine related stuff was almost done. I hadn’t serviced the drive train or suspension, so I figured I had better take a look. The suspension was perfect. Every bearing was bad, and every shaft tight. Arg.

I finished rebuilding the suspension and checked the track drive shaft bearing. That sounded like a metal leaf rake on a metal roof when I turned it. That was about the time that I ran out of light. That was the most frustrating part. I usually stock the bearings, and have done the job too many times. I actually like having all new bearings so that I know what I have.

I am on a mission to see #2 run on snow today, shortly before I ride the other one a longer distance to get in some real trail time. Unless we have a major server meltdown or something, it will be a snowmobiling day, both in the shop and out.

In theory, once RXL #2 comes to life I will be able to just grab the other one when I break one. I still have plans of an RXL #3 as soon as I can scrape together the $$.

In events this weekend my calendar has Feb 20 2010 Chute Pond Club Meeting 11:00 am, Slalom Races at Doze Inn on Chute Pond.

Chris’ has…

Feb. 20 Fishers Camp Resort
Boat Landing #10
9-Hole Ice Golf TourneyRegistration at 10 am or call in advance

Visit our Website for full details

Feb. 20 Anderson Lake Water’s Edge Fish-O-Rama Sponsored by the American Legion Mountain/Suring

8am – 4pm – Music, Meat Raffle

Feb. 20 Crooked Lake Community Center on Cty H Crooked Lake Fish-O-Rama

Starts at noon – Bait provided – Food & Raffles

Feb. 20 Curve Inn Resort Live Music – Hammer Time Band  Classic Rock – Starts at 9pm

That is about it for the overnight report. Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!