Tuesday February 14th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

The snow last night was a lot more impressive on radar than it was here on the ground. We still ended up with about an inch or so.

Today is a cloudy day, but it is up to 36. It is taking away some of the new snow, but it hasn’t eaten it all yet.

The new snow made it difficult to tell conditions as I went up 32 to Carter at about noon. At that point I didn’t take pictures. Looking closely I could see that while it was white on top there was gravel close under it along the railroad grade in Lakewood and Townsend. A single snowmobile track gave it away. The trail along F was had mostly base covered trails with some thin spots.

At this point my recommendation for riding is to stay north of about Benson Lake Rd, which is about the same north/south as Townsend, and about halfway between C & Hwy 8. Conditions deteriorate a little as you get closer to C, and get pretty hit and miss south of there. As soon as time permits I will be taking a ride from near Rapids up toward Goodman and maybe west toward Townsend or east toward Dunbar and the Old A trail.

North of 8 and west of 32 conditions are still reported as good enough to very good with the occasional sunny spot, now covered with a little snow. As you get a little north of C up by Mc Clintock Park there was increasing amounts of snow in the woods, and a decent amount as you get toward Hwy 8.

My trip to Crivitz yesterday found most of last week’s snow pretty well gone.

All eyes are on the Thursday storm, but at the moment it looks about last night’s as far as snow for around here. The GFS is still showing the low tracking over the southern tip of Lake Michigan, and the NAM and HPC are getting on board with that. It is showing us in the northern reaches of the storm, and probably in for an inch or three. Sign me up for the happy surprise club, but I am pretty skeptical that it will end up as more than 1-3 without a change in storm track. It is still a start on filling in the sunny spots.

There are places to ride. Check out last week’s pictures and add an inch of snow from Friday’s storm and one from last night’s.

I am running late and have a long list to cover before sunset. I will check back in with an update later or tomorrow.

Have a good St Valentine’s Day and thank you for visiting!