Tuesday February 19th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

We have a saying around Kosir’s Rafting- Use your sick days wisely.

Yesterday an hour of chores turned into three hours of chores but I didn’t let that stop me. About sunset I took the RXL out for a spin and had a blast. The little 500 is pretty zippy, but I still love my triple when you grab a handful.

My ride took me about halfway to Waubee lodge and back. The trails were in great shape. The snow was falling and I was having a great time. I probably got about 25 miles in.

After dinner I suited up again and took the 500 out for a ride around the flowages. I don’t wander too far off of the beaten path riding alone at night to avoid being in for a long walk back if something breaks. I was well rewarded. The trail along Caldron Falls Flowage between Rapids and Fisher’s Camp and Thorntons was spectacularly flat and recently groomed. I have never seen it so nice.

The trail that went along Parkway past all of the resorts was in the same shape. I was seriously pumped up about riding conditions that nice. One of my thoughts was that I could name the whoopties that I had hit in the last 20 miles without getting to the letter K. Again I have never seen that trail so nice and flat. It was like riding on a sidewalk without the cracks.

The storm added an inch or two from what I can tell looking out the window. It wasn’t a big snow producer, but it all helps.

I am going to have to cut my update short due to an appointment, I will return later with the rest of the story. My apologies.