Tuesday February 21, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

The snow today was another disappointment. Most of it came as mist and the little that it did snow did not accumulate.

Thursday’s storm goes on to be a big one, but not while it is here, and we are still looking at a chance of snow showers.

The Sunday/Monday storm is now being well advertised by all of the TV weather buddies. That seldom works out well. The GFS is still on board for a good storm for us, but the HPC is not. The HPC is showing the low too far north(rain), and it is showing it blowing through quickly, leaving little snow or rain in it’s wake.

I want to believe, I really do. After this winter of watching storm after storm miss us, go around us, go over us and still miss us, or snow only on radar, the glass isn’t half full any more.

Dan from Riding With Dan & Dillon left a comment yesterday expanding on some of the events for this weekend. It also pointed out that I forgot Turkey Bowling by the Riverview Town Hall. They have a good time down there, check it out.

I also just got word that Fisher’s Camp is having a meat raffle and a DJ this Saturday from 2-5 on. Someone on their Facebook page commented that they had to be at a Lake Noquebay Fishorama, so apparently there is one of those to look into as well.

The Prairie View, IL Bunch found good trails up by Townsend and Lilly last weekend, and even posted a video to YouTube. I am not sure that they want to have me post it, but you could probably find it with a search.  The trails did look very nice.

It has been a rough winter, so tomorrow I start my new job at Curve Inn as a fry cook. I will be there Wednesday nights during Lent with my famous AYCE fish fry, Thursday nights with AYCE pizza, and Friday nights with the regular fish fry. It isn’t my first choice among my dozen or so trades, but it is what pays today, so I will be there giving it my best this Spring.

That’s news. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting.