Tuesday February 3rd, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

A week without updating in winter?! It is unprecedented. I was busy late last week and never had a chance to do an update, and over the weekend some Indonesians paid our site a visit. That one took a couple of days to clean up, and we have a much more secure server now.

At any rate, there are plenty of riding opportunities in the area. The trails are holding up very well considering our lack of new snow. Athelstane, Iron Snowshoe, Lakewood, Townsend, and Dun-Good up by Hwy 8 are all reporting good conditions. To some extent trails to the south and east are still rideable if you are willing to put up with the bad spots. Plowed road trails are not good.

Sunday I got to see Lakewood and Townsend first hand as I ran errands. The trails were a little snirty colored, but flat as a board and well covered except for a few wear spots.

We could see a little light snow overnight and Friday night, and there is a chance of light snow all weekend.The NWS is looking for highs in the low 20s Friday and Saturday, and mid-teens Sunday.

At one point the GFS was showing a bigger storm later out in the 15 day model, but it has vanished. Hopefully it will return. It isn’t much fun watching these big storms from the cheap seats.

February and March can bring some bigger storms. Once we see the jet stream move around a little, it will probably be our turn. Right now we are getting storms out of the Pacific Northwest, and they drop the bulk of their moisture over the mountains, and end up here as 1-3″ clippers. No pattern lasts forever, it just seems like it sometimes.

February is huge around here with events. This weekend starts round one with Ice Bowling at Parkway Inn, a Fishoree with the Red Arrow Club in Townsend, and a Brat Fry with the Dun-Good Club up by the Hi-8.

***February 7, 2015 Brat Fry & Raffle Drawing at Rocque’s 8-HI Club on Hwy 8 in Goodman. Brat Fry begins at Noon. Raffle drawing at 5 PM. Proceeds go toward Dun-Good Riders trail and equipment maintenance.

February 7
Ice Bowling at Parkway Inn
Twin Bridge Area – Food & Refreshments, Music

February 7-8
40th Annual Fish-A-Ree sponsored by the Red Arrow Snowmobile/ATV Club at the Townsend Town Hall from 11am to 6pm Sat and Noon to 5pm Sunday

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with my heavy workload. It is work, and I am happy to have it, but it has been too much of a good thing. I am wrapping up another major project tonight, tying up a few loose ends tomorrow night, and then I am planning on doing something about the 26 mile season total mileage. I am getting a little irate about that. We will also be seeing more frequent updates here.

That’s it from here. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!