Tuesday February 7th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

The second weekend in February is one of the biggest event weekends of the year around here, so let’s start with that.

Feb. 11 Town of Stephenson Park
on High Falls Flowage
off of Boat Landing 3 Rd.
High Falls Fish-O-Rama, Snowmobile Radar Run & Winter Fest
Fishing contests, snowmobile races and games. Concessions will be served.
Sponsored by the Twin Bridge Ski Team. Call 715-757-3511 for further information.
Feb. 11-12 Townsend Town Hall Red Arrow 38th Annual Family Fish-A-ReeFamily fun-Music-Food-Games-Meat Raffles both days-big raffle drawing Sunday afternoon.

Sat Feb 11th- Live Music at Hilltop Resort with Paul Hanna of Annex

Feb 11th- Trump Lake Sat 50th Annual Fish-O-Ree

Sat Feb 11th- Chute Pond Snowmobile Ice DragsРRegister 9-11:30, racing starts at noon. Heated  tent with food/refreshments/meat spin wheel/booyah

Saturday Feb 11- Lake Mary Fire Tower- Slug Feast with the River Road Riders. Food and refreshments 12-3pm

Saturday Feb 11-¬† Pickerel Fun Day-Pickerel Fun Day starts @ 8:00 am with the Pickerel-Pearson Lions Club Pancake and Sausage Breakfast @ Hill’s Still in Pearson. Jerry’s Schuh’s Polar Bear Jump in starts @ Noon with Jump in @ 1:00pm. This is @ Jerry’s bar on Pickerel Lake road. The snowmobile raffle will be @ 3:00pm at Jerry Schuhs.

Saturday Feb 11- 5th annual Bed Races on Townsend Flowage at Birch Hills Resort. Door prizes for best PJs, and Karaoke later.

Looking at my forecast guidance I will say that there is very little hope of getting the snow that we need this week to return the trails to ride worthy conditions. There is a chance of light snow about Thursday as a cold front moves our way and that is about it for precip this week.

There are several chances for small systems next week, but there have been all winter and we have seldom seen that working out for us. A few recent model runs have featured a bigger storm for two weekends out, but it is there, then it is gone. It isn’t much to hang hopes on after being teased like that all winter.

This week’s weather will be mostly dominated by high pressure. I am expecting mid-20s today, low 30s Tue & Wed, and then comes the cold front. Friday’s hi/lo looks like about 15/0, Saturday’s about 19/5, and Sunday moderates a little with 22/10.

As far as getting to ride in this weekend a guy could probably trailer to remote forest roads or lakes and get a ride in. According to the Red Arrow site they still have remote forest roads to ride and things get a little better going into Forest Co.

When I was travelng between here and Crivitz yesterday I didn’t see much that I liked. There were log stretches of dirt and some mud and puddles too. I have not been north on the trail to Goodman yet.

As always I encourage people to come and visit even if their aren’t trails to ride. It has been a brutal winter for local trail stops and they will be enthusiastic to see people. The Iron Snowshoe Bunny Hunt is still going on, and you can do it by car.

There is also the advantage of having one guy drive to/from events and trail stops instead of everyone on their own sled staying sober. That has lead to some good times when the crew loosens up a little in places/events where they usually abstain. (Huge smile as the memories flood in..)

I am considering taking the next couple of days off. I usually can’t stay away, but I can try. I have some web site and computer repair work coming up and some stuff that I’d like to E-bay while it is still snowmobile season. There are no trails to report on and the weather looks like a pretty solid forecast, so I am going to return Friday. If something pops up I will be on it.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!