Tuesday January 10th, 2017-11pm Update

Greetings and Welcome!


The snow is long gone and the wind and cold behind it are here. It is about 15º with 15-25mph winds gusting to 40.

We have a hefty blanket of new snow. In the end I am going to call it 6-8″ with the accent on the higher number. I had both numbers when I measured around the yard right at sunset, but I know that I was plowing more than 6″ on the main private road.

It was right around 32 when it fell so it is fairly sturdy snow for the medium fine flakes that fell. I know that the first run with the snowblower at 4″ was a good idea, I was using all 8hp in low gear. Likewise I took the road in two passes with the plow truck. That tells me that there is enough volume and heft to really do some good out on the trails with filling in holes, ruts, and thin spots.

We are expecting another  2-4 or 3-6 tomorrow.

The weather this weekend looks pretty comfortable in the low to mid 20s. With the new snow and the nice weekend I would expect to see a lot of people take to the trails. I am not planning on working at Rapids this weekend, I have a prior engagement.

I am hoping to take a ride tomorrow. The sled needs some love first, but if all goes well I will get at least a spin around the neighborhood.

That’s it from here. Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!



It kept snowing but it didn’t pile up much higher. I measured 6-6.5″ on the car and snowmobile, but in the lower driveway by the work shed I had 8+. The wood yard had an extra 2″ or so when I went back and cleaned it up at around 4. About then it started changing over to a light rain & snow mix, but so far it isn’t much. The back of the storm is a couple of counties west of here and it won’t be long before it stops.


When I checked about 15 minutes ago I was measuring 5 1/2 – 6″. I was wrong, this will be a good snow maker. I ran the snow blower at about 4″ and it is filling right back up. For the record, my Pepsi can is 5″ tall. These pix seem dark, and they are. I gamma correct them to show more detail with the snow.

The radar shows the rain/snow line moving closer to us. It is right about the southern Marinette Co line. That means our snow will be a little heavier. It looks like there will be a couple more hours of it. Click a picture for a bigger view & slideshow.


Twelve noon and all is well. It is still snowing and we have about 3.5″ down.

A friend contacted me through the contact form ( link @ the very bottom of the RH column) and asked if ATVs need a separate trail pass like snowmobiles do it they are operated on the snowmobile trails. It is a good question that a lot of people will have, so I called the DNR and got it right from a customer service rep. The answer was that the regular ATV registration is good enough, just make sure that it is an ATV allowed trail. There is not a snowmobile trail pass for ATVs.


It is coming down at a pretty good rate now. There has to be at least 3+” down and it is coming fast.


01-10-17aI just took a front perch railing measurement and had 1 3/4″.  Looking at the snowmobile it might be a little more farther away from the house. The radar is looking good and it is snowing. I am still not on board with the 5-9″ prediction, but maybe I will be wrong. A 2-4 or 3-6 prediction seems realistic. Who knows, there is a lot of storm left according to the radar.



As of 6:30 we have an inch down.