Tuesday January 17, 2017 Late Update

Greetings and welcome!

The storm brought a widely varied range of conditions. Twenty miles south or east they had a lot more ice. In Wausaukee the untreated areas had about 1/2″ of snow and about 1/4″ of ice. Here it was about double the snow and a little less ice. A friend in Wabeno said that they just had a couple of inches of snow.

Today got up to 35 and this afternoon the storm continued with a mist and temps at or near freezing. We have an ice glaze on everything here, east and south.

The ride to and from work in Wausaukee were ugly. The crusty snow helped on the way there, but the ice was more dominant as I got east of A. On the way home black ice glazed the roads from the mist and falling temperatures. That big hill/dip about 3 miles east of Wausaukee on C was an adrenaline ride.

I am nervous about the 7 day temperature forecast. The lowest high temperature for the next week is 38, but it will go into the 20s nightly. I am hoping that the nightly freeze will harden what snow survives the warm days, but I might be grasping at straws.

Later in the week and weekend we could see mid-40s and only near freezing lows. Looking at the GFS guidance, the rain/snow line is all of the way up in the Northwest Territories late week, and that is not good at all. Add in some rain Saturday and Sunday to put the frosting on a pretty bad forecast for weekend snowmobiling.

About all that we can do is hope fir the best.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!