Tuesday January 1st, 2019

Greetings and welcome!

A look out of the front window this morning finds that we got skunked again. There is a very light dusting on the car and that is it. When I was in Crivitz at sunset yesterday cars were coming from the south covered with snow and ice but no snow was falling in town.

According to the radar Highway 64 was roughly the cut off line for the bigger storm. The TV says that Green Bay had 4.5″ and the big winner was the Appleton to Oshkosh area with about  6-7″. The clipper snow from the northwest evaporated before it got here.

There is very little snow but there is a nice layer of ice and people are riding. Trails in Lakewood and Townsend are open and were seeing riders. One friend said that there was some snow (6-8) in the woods near Hwy 8 but that the trails were very icy. Iron Snowshoe, Near North, Ranger City Riders and trails to the south remain closed.

I am loving the gas prices. The local stations are at 2.09 for regular. A look at Gas Buddy shows premium in Carter at 2.54 and at 2.69 in Townsend. I wish that I could lock them in at those levels.

I asked a local ice fisherman what he found for ice thickness on the small lake that he fished. The answer was 6-10″ of ice. We should be adding to that tonight when we get down to near zero.

The first part of the week looks cold with highs near 20. Thursday The NWS says 30 for a high Thursday followed by highs in the low 40s for Friday and Saturday. Sunday and Monday they show mid-30s.

As far as snow the next real chance comes on Saturday the 12th. It looks like a big storm and the track of it looks good, but at 12 days out in a forecast model it is just a nice cartoon.

El Nino is kicking our butt. I don’t mind that we are not in the grip of a 6 week spell of that high of -5 low of -30 weather, but a little snow would be nice so that we could ride some of these nice 25 and 30 degree days.

Right now the same skepticism of the storm 12 days out gives me some hope that the forecast will change. That is all that I have.

I wish that I could kick off the new year with a big snow forecast. For now we wait.

Have a good new year and thank you for visiting!