Tuesday January 2, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

It was a cold one last night with temps getting down to about -5. Speaking of wind chill, the wind kicked up after dark last night as the temperature was dropping and it was genuinely brisk. I’d guess the wind chill at about -10. The two got together a little after midnight and the wind chill peaked at about -17.

As of 9am it is up to about +4, but the wind chill is still in the -10 range. I am taking the common sense approach and tackling some of my inside stuff while that day warms up. I can’t see braving that cold when it will be much warmer in an hour or two.

My ride to Crivitz yesterday found lower snow totals as I went east and south. By the time I got to Crivitz there was barely any snow, definitely less than an inch. The wind was scrubbing the fields and in a couple of spots drifted some snow across the road, but even accounting for that there was clearly less snow east and south.

I might be getting another chance to check it out today. It never occurred to me that the bank would consider the 2nd a holiday too and take the day off. I still managed to get groceries and another can of E free premium for the sled.

In addition to that the plan today includes some shop time and hopefully a ride on the sled. It might be a short shakedown cruise around the Ponderosa at first, and we will see how it goes. The ultimate goal is a ride tomorrow to check out Landing 11 and Chickadee when it is a little warmer.

The lake effect snow in the UP ended up being from 3-10″ depending on where the report was from. Reports are still filtering in, so those totals are preliminary. Personally if I were headed that way I would probably start a little east and south of Marquette.

The real winner in the lake snow race was northwestern lower MI, where there was heavy snow and winter storm warnings. It looked like that little corner of the state got pounded pretty well.

Yesterday I was looking for a reload of the medium term forecast models. As of this morning my wish has not come true yet. There is a chance that it might not get as warm as earlier forecast for later this week, and there is now a little bit of rain showing up for about Friday. That rain is showing up as <0.1″ so it isn’t much to worry about other than travel concerns.

About the only other news this morning is that the Lakewood Paul Bunyan trails will be opening up Wednesday, along with the Red Arrow trails,as well as Forest and Oneida Co.

The Paul Bunyan site indicates that they are expecting fair to poor conditions, and cautions people to be careful because of ice in the corners.  I think that is a good assessment. If it wasn’t for the ice base, we’d be looking at 4-5″ of snow, only that ice base makes it worth riding with that little snow. Even then there is not enough for grooming or filling in bumps. (Early season conditions)

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!