Tuesday January 24th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

I will come right out and admit it, I am not ready for this update this afternoon. I spent the morning getting my brain scrambled playing network guy and I am running a little late. This afternoon I am making a run to Lakewood and I will get a look around on the 32 corridor.

The back of the storm didn’t bring much for extra snow. It snowed a little like it was going to mean something and it faded out before it added up.

Behind that we have a mostly warm week. Today I have 27 so far as of 2pm. Wednesday and Friday we are looking at low 30s and Thursday could go into the upper 30s. Saturday we are looking at mid-20s and Sunday mid-teens. There are no storms obvious, but we could see some light snow on either side of Sunday’s cold day.

I got news yesterday that the Iron Snowshoe opened up today. They went out and panned the snow on Monday and opened today. In their words.. Very early season conditions apply to the entire trail system with minimal snow cover. It isn’t ideal, but the system is open. Most areas that I have seen had 1-2 before the storm and got 2-3 from it.

Here is the event list from Chris’ page. I will add any that I find in the papers or from posters hanging up when I go to town.

Jan. 26-29 Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel
Wabeno, WI
MS Snowmobile Tour 2011

Hosted by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Wisconsin Chapter

Join us for this fun, three-day event, snowmobiling through beautiful Northern Wisconsin. Ride and make an extraordinary difference in the lives of people living with MS.

For further details or to register on line, visit our website.

Jan. 27-29 Eagle River Inn Women on Snow Weekend

Weekend of snowmobiling fun for women only.

Visit website for full details & Registration Form

Jan. 28 Caldron Falls
Boat Landing 9
12th Annual Caldron Flowage Snowmobile Radar Run & Fish-o-Ree
Caldron Lake off of Boat Landing #9 – 8am – 4pm

1000′ track, $100 cash top speed, trophies for all classes

Food, Refreshments, Raffles, DJ, Heated Tent

Sponsored by Thornton’s Resort – proceeds benefit Town of Stephenson Vol. Fire Dept

Jan. 28
6 to 9 PM
Crivitz Fire Dept. Annual Ice Skating Party and Christmas Tree Burning

Sponsored by the Crivitz Rescue Squad & the Crivitz Fire Dept.

Horse Drawn Wagon Rides, Hot Chocolate, Family Fun

Please bring a non-perishable food item for the food pantry

For more information call 715-854-7666

For Christmas Tree Pick Up call Rudi at 715-927-2359

Jan. 28 Hummingbird Hill Lane
Red Arrow Annual Club Bonfire & Vintage Ride

New Storage Facility Dedication at noon

Free Hot Dogs & Warm Drinks Served

Jan. 28-29 Firelite Lounge
Paul Bunyan Riders Snow Fun Weekend

Event notes-

As far as the PBR Snow Fun Weekend they have a new fish-a-ree this year that you can fish on any area lake. Cool idea.

Their site said that their conditions ranged from poor in open fields to very good on sections of the RR grade, and that they had about 3.5″ of new snow. They also mentioned the Iron Snowshoe opening as well as saying that Chute Pond will open Thursday with conditions listed as “very very poor”.

I saw in Dan’s comment yesterday that his son Dillon had raised $5,600 so far and was riding inthe MS ride this weekend. Outstanding!

Well I am off to scout the 32 corridor as far as Lakewood to Carter. Have a good afternoon and thank you for visiting!