Tuesday March 1st, 2016

Greetings and welcome

We had a little freezing rain and about an inch of snow late Sunday afternoon. Monday’s sun ate most of it.

Monday morning about 10am we had a couple of snow squalls move through. They only lasted about 10 minutes each. but it snowed so hard that I couldn’t see 100 yards. Too bad it didn’t last all day.

This morning we are looking ata glancing blow from the far northern reaches of the storm that our friends downstate and south of the border had yesterday and last night. It wasn’t expected, hopefully it gets way out of hand.

Sunday morning I traveled to Antigo, Lakewood, Townsend and Carter. The effects of Saturday’s near 60 degree day were obvious. Some base held up to it, but there was a lot of dirt and gravel. South of Townsend seemed to take it harder. A lot of base in the woods survived, but sunny spots were bad with dirt and gravel common.

We need snow, and not an inch or two, though it wouldn’t take much to revive woods trails and sheltered trails that held base.

This week looks like it will stay below 35 for high temperatures, but there will be some sun. There is a shot at some snow today and Saturday. After that the GFS is showing the bottom dropping out and more warm weather right through the 15th.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!