Tuesday March 26th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

That is one day behind us without any real melting. Monday was a very overcast day, and we stayed well under 40. When I was out and about mid-day there was very little melting of even the puddles on the road. After sunset there were only a few ribbons of melt water running into the road. We really didn’t lose much at all.

When I checked the spot in the yard where I threw ashes to melt the snow Sunday afternoon they had done very little in the way of melting. They were just still sitting on top of the snow. A sunny day would have taken it down in a hurry. Yesterday brought no melting progress.

We are 20% of the way to the weekend without much melting at all, and today looks pretty promising too. Just like last week, the scary part comes after mid-week with more sun and warm temperatures. Last week turned out well, hopefully this week goes our way too.

Last night I was looking at the 16 day GFS forecast model, and I am seeing a couple of weeks of more of the same. There was nothing to suggest 50+ temperatures or any big 1″+ rainstorms. We could see mid and upper 40s late week and for the weekend, but the sun is the big enemy right now.

Dan- “We WILL find some snow..” There is no question in my mind that there will be rideable spots this weekend. There will be some burned though and icy ones, but a guy willing to look past that will very likely find good trails to get a last ride or two in on. My path would probably lead north up by Hwy 8 and beyond. There are sheltered areas that will probably still hold snow in late April if it doesn’t warm up soon.

So far so good!

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!