Tuesday March 3rd, 2015 Part 2

Greetings and welcome!

It looks like there are only two parts today. I had expected to update this morning before work, but I woke up late and hit the ground running. At that point we had only seen about 1/4” of snow, just enough to cover everything.

The snow picked up late morning. When I went out for lunch it had added up to close to two inches and it was snowing fairly chunky snow at a medium rate. I would guess that we saw close to 3” but the near freezing temperatures settled it a little. At least there was some moisture to it, and it will help the trails.

Behind the storm we are expecting the typical wind and cold blast. We could see a high of about 8 tomorrow, and some nasty wind chills. Thursday only looks a little warmer.

Once Friday rolls around, apparently the seasons change. The high temps for Friday- Tue are 32,35,36,38, and 41. looking at the medium term on the GFS forecast model, it gets worse after that.

The sun is going to be a problem too. We are up to 11:15 hours of daylight and will pick up another 15 minutes by the other side of the weekend.

The trails are pretty dark stained or snirty, and the sun warms dark things the most. It is amazing that the trails were as good as they were this winter with so little snow. The downside is that the snow got worked pretty good, and it is definitely stained or snirty in high traffic areas. The more it melts the darker it gets, and the darker it gets the more it melts. I am expecting bad things to happen fast with a couple of warm sunny days. We saw some of that Monday.

Right now the hope is that it will be cloudy enough this weekend to keep the sun at bay. At least we could get one last weekend in before the bad spots start getting big.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!

Part 1

Greetings and welcome!

We had a little bit of a tough day yesterday with the sun and the warmth. There was some melting and puddles along the road. Paved plowed roads took it hard. Athelstane Weather only showed a high of 34, but the sun was warm.

The trails took it ok but got a little snirtier, a few spots opened up, and hard pack areas got a little icy around sunset as the temperature dropped. It wasn’t thermogeddon, but it wasn’t ideal. Maybe it will serve us to harden the base a little before the fresh snow.

Up at 2am to feed the wood burner, I am looking at the radar and being a little underwhelmed. With what I see now we’d be lucky to see a couple of inches. It is supposed to pick up in the morning, hopefully it gets all carried away. This is just the leading edge of the storm.

The alarm goes off in 3hrs so I am off to sleep. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!