Monday March 3rd, 2014 Late Update

131314cGreetings and welcome!

It is my night to recharge so I am doing that by getting a head start on my update. It will be nice not having a time wall and getting cut off.

The trails remain fantastic. I saw that Iron Snowshoe was out grooming (Today? Last night?), and the virgin trail belonged on a magazine cover. It looked really nice. I am looking forward to riding later this week.

This week holds the promise of below normal but reasonable weather. In a nutshell, we are looking at low 20 for highs, and -5 to +5 for lows. We are looking at a couple of inches tonight and Friday night. I’d take a whole winter of that.

Sunday was a work day, but part of the work involved getting the nice RXL out of storage and into the shop. It will get some pre-season love and I expect to ride it later this week. In the meantime the 500 is right there ready to ride.

 BPSCpokerrunposterThe one event for the weekend that I have now is the wrap up of the Bear Point Sno-Cruiser’s Poker Run. Here is a poster, click it to make it bigger. You can get a poker run sheet on their web site and pay up at the drawing party. There are 24 trail stops, and the drawing is at Dome Lanes in Marinette.

I did not see any event posters at the grocery store Monday. I will check the local shoppper papers and see what else is happening this weekend.

I will update with snow totals in the am. It looks good on radar so far.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!