Tuesday March 7th, 2023-10pm Update

Greetings and welcome!

10pm- We only got up to 41 today but the sun was brutal. My neighbor’s row of pines with a south facing hill was bare by noon. The melting today was incredible. If we have another day like this it is over. Right now it is a case of good snow and lots of snow in sheltered areas and sunny areas are bad. There are a lot of good trails out there but understand that it is very late season last chance March riding. The roads were shot in one day. Sunny spot were bare by noon. I really hate this time of year.

11:30- 38ºF and sunny.. I was wise to get outside early to do my cleanup. The snowblower is grunting more and more as the snow consolidates. So far there is a little of that compacting and minor melting, but nothing dramatic. Sunny spots that I cleared didn’t take long to get down to bare. The back yard where it is sheltered had more snow, probably 8+.

9:30- I would call it 6-7″.

8:15am- I don’t have a final after storm total yet but looking at my deck I would call it at least 6″. I am headed out to snowblow in a few minutes and will get a lot better look.

My strategy was to wait overnight and let the water settle out of the snow and hopefully be able to run one of the 2 stage snowblowers. The bottom 4-5″ was very very wet snow. This should pack down into some nice base. I want to get out there before the sun gets too carried away. That sun and our projected high of 41 will consolidate it and again make it hard to clean up. Unless those two get really carried away we should be in good shape for the weekend.

The morning TV news is showing a 1-3 storm for Friday and it should be done by late afternoon.

I will know a lot more soon and I expect to update by lunchtime.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!