Tuesday night 1-11-2022

Greetings and welcome!

It was another cold day today. We saw a high of 14 and at 8:15pm it is back down to 4ºF. The fun part is that the forecast says that the temp will go up to 22 by midnight and up to 28 tomorrow. Bring it.

A lot of people will be happy to hear that The River Road Riders trails have opened for the season. They have a lot of landowners, and some of them hunt. They generally don’t open trails until after January 10th. They are now open. The trails that they could groom are ready and nice and they are working on recently opened land.

The Kumalong trails south of Crivitz are also open and being groomed and are reported as nice north of 64.

While I didn’t really like that -16 low temp and a high of +6º weather, it did further freeze up lakes, swamps, and the ground under the trails. That will serve us well in the future.

I got the one Indy Trail out for a test run today. That all went very well. I didn’t go far because I was riding in my mechanic clothes at about 10 degrees out.

The little spur that I rode had a great little hard packed base and only got thin where the groomer or traffic had thinned it out on a high spot. That was a 3 mile ride down a spur, don’t judge the whole system by that. The trails along the roads near me look really nice. The plowed sanded side road was thin but easily passable on the side without leaving carbide on the road.

The best chance of more snow comes Wednesday night into Thursday but does not look like much. There are a couple of clippers possible late week and into next week. Right now we are looking at a couple of days in the transition zone between the arctic air and the warmer air to the south. That is not productive for snow but should bring pleasant riding temperatures mostly in the 20s.

Have a good Wednesday and thank you for visiting!