Tuesday Night 1-31-2017

Greetings and welcome!
Those patchy areas of snow behind the main precipitation band paid off better than the main band did. It snowed last night and most of the day today.

It was a very fine snow so it took a bit to add up, bit I still have 3″ in the front yard. I would say that some areas might have a little more, so let’s call it a 3+ or 3-4″ snow. As mentioned, it was a fine snow, so it is fairly sturdy. It was about 25ºF today so it set up well and packed down nicely on side roads. It isn’t the whole answer to bare roads but it was a great improvement. It will also solve the free snow shortage on the trails, making the sleds run nice and cool.

Last weekend found good trails west and north. The base survived the big thaw mostly intact. One rider commented on the lack of free snow and how hard everything had frozen up. He had places that he was running a little hot, and I am happy to report that it is no longer an issue.

Even though I want to, I am not going to plow my driveway tonight. I want to give it a chance to bond to the ice a little, making it easier on the plow truck. We will see the same effect on the trails and roads as the week progresses.

We have some events for this weekend and what looks like comfortable weather. I don’t have my act together to list events tonight but I will gather them up as soon as I can.

We have a couple of snow chances coming up. Saturday afternoon and Saturday night we could see a 1-3 or 2-4″ snow. About next Wednesday there is a dandy storm showing up on the GFS. It is a powerful storm and the current scenario has it tracking very close to ideal for NE WI. At over a week out it is just a nice cartoon, but hopefully it all works out.

That is it from here. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!