Tuesday November 5th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

We have a chance of snow in the forecast. There is a storm for today and tonight that could bring snow to Vilas and Oneida Counties and points north and west.

My models are showing it a little to warm to come true, but the TV weather guys seem to think that those areas could see 1-3, and about Forest County for the rain/snow line battleground.

It is not a tremendously strong storm, but in December-February when it is a little colder, it would likely be a 6″+ snow producer. The models are showing a near ideal track of the low pressure system, with the low passing between Milwaukee and Green Bay. The perfect track is usually between Milwaukee and Sheboygan, so it is right in there.

We have been seeing a lot of rain lately. One of the guys at work commented that if the recent rain were snow, there would be a lot of it.

Likewise I have been looking at it through the what if it were January or February? lens.  What I am seeing looks a lot like last winter. Not all of the storms would have been snow, but most of them would have had a snowy finish.

Last Friday’s storm brought an inch plus of rain. Based on the track of the low pressure, it would have started as some pretty good rain, followed by a 6+” dose of snow.

That very scenario brought us some of the best trails that I have ever ridden last year. The rain soaked in and made a spectacular base, and the snow that covered it gave the groomers enough to work with to make really excellent trails. Like last year it would not have been all honey and roses, but it generally would have ended very well for us.

I really like the new full time job, but it is coming with some challenges. I am way behind n the shop, with firewood, and with web sites, and I really have my work cut out for me.

Right now a friend’s sled is in the shop, the first of 6 that I need to get ready for winter. That one is getting there, and I expect to finish it up in a week or so once I get parts.  After that there are two more that need love before I start working on mine. Between that and 4 more cords of wood to cut, I’ll be a busy boy over the next month to 6 weeks.

I have been working on my fuel article too, but it is such a huge topic that it is still a work in progress after three passes. I will keep hammering away on that as time permits.

Anyway, keep an eye on today and tonight’s weather. While the ground isn’t even kind of frozen yet, we could see some accumulating snow to our northwest.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!