Wed 12-22-2010 ****SNOW!!!!****


It got pretty warm today. Athelstane Weather’s high of 34.3 is very believable. The snow definitely settled a lot and was packy. I saw that Iron Snowshoe was already out and I saw that the Paul Bunyan Riders plan on grooming tomorrow.


Greetings and welcome!
I will still stick to my 9″ measurement from the wee hours, but it isn’t 9″ anymore. We have a very warm day quickly settling the snow. Athelstane Weather shows a high of 33.8 and a current temp of 32.5ºF.

That is actually a good thing, we want the snow to compact into a base. It is doing so and coming right along. My ride down the driveway this morning was not very gravelly even though I had plowed away the first 5″ or so late yesterday.

Likewise these tracks are on my plowed @ 3pm yesterday driveway.

I actually rode this sled this year, on the couple of inches right before the ‘blizzard’. This is the blizzard and yesterday’s cumulative snow. Yes it is right up to the bumper.

I played with sleds a little this morning. One took me for a quick ride, one is now in the shop, one is still buried. I did get a ride in though.

Right now I need to run off and help a guy on a sled and get my steps and wood yard shoveled before this packing snow turns into a brick when temperatures go into the teens tonight.




The radar is showing that the storm that has camped over us all day and night is finally going to move out of the area. It said the same thing 4″ ago, and it is still snowing.

I just checked the front and back steps. Both showed measurements of at least 9″ of new snow. I suspect that there is more, but until I go an do scattered measurements in the morning, I am going with at least 9″.

When I opened the back door, it actually shaved a couple of inches of snow off of the second step (blue line). Looking at the shape of the snow I walked there earlier. Check out the (once shoveled) path at the bottom of the steps.

I have cleaned at least this much snow off of the railing twice already. The crown shape of the snow on the railing shows that the later stuff was bigger wetter flakes.

We got a lot of snow. Tomorrow should be very scenic with the snow in the trees, and a real powder party.

More to follow..