Wed 12/30/15

Greetings and welcome!

The reports are coming in and the word on the street is early season conditions, and north and west.

The snow varies from 4-8 around Crivitz and west toward Crooked Lake. It gets deeper as you go north toward Silver Cliff and up to Goodman, and west to Lakewood and Townsend. Those areas are reporting 8-10″.

The groomers have been panning it down, and it is the best that they can do with 8-10 of powdery snow and no base.

There were lots of warnings about rocks and ruts, water in low spots, downed trees, and definitely stay off of the lakes and rivers. They were open water last week. There isn’t much ice on roads either. Call it early season conditions at its finest.

I have concerns about the trails standing up to heavy traffic. With no base and 8-10 of powder if we get a lot of riders we will probably see declining conditions.

I have not had a chance to saddle up yet, I am still on snow removal detail. The plow truck has been acting up and I still have some cleanup to do once I wrap up repairs. At that point I am off to the work shed.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!